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Üç Kız Kardeş


Türkan does not accept that Somer wants a divorce. Somer gets very angry with Türkan in the face of this unexpected reaction. Türkan, on the other hand, makes a decision in the face of Somer's anger and silence. However, he realizes that all roads are closed for her now...
Nesrin thinks that Türkan has prevented her separation from Somer thanks to her cooperation with Rüçhan, and she is hooked on sweets. Sadik, on the other hand, is in a difficult situation in the face of Fatih's threats. He cannot share this with Nesrin and tries to take care of himself.

With the pressure he put on Türkan, Rüçhan ensured that he did not divorce Somer and did not sign it. However, this does not comfort him. Because he learns that Mine has a big trump card that will bind Somer to himself. He takes action to prevent this. This fills Mine up against Somer more.

Return makes a sacrifice for his friend Dilek. However, this will cause a big problem between him and Derya.
Türkan, however, does not lose hope in the face of Somer's lack of love towards her, and seeks another remedy.

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