Üç Kız Kardeş


Türkan shares her problems with Somer, as she sees Mine's closeness as a well-meaning friendship. Mine realizes that Türkan will not destroy her marriage and will fight for it, and she becomes even more jealous of Somer.

Rüçhan learned that Mine was pregnant and began to see her as a greater danger. Now she needs bigger moves and takes action to get her away from Somer. This move of Rüçhan causes serious tensions between Mine and Somer.

Sadik is in trouble, losing the money he took for Fatih. Her biggest fear is that Nesrin finds out about it. On the other hand, Fatih not only corners his brother but also causes a bigger crisis in the family. The letter that Dön has written for his friend causes great tensions in his relationship with Derya and Serdar.

After the decision not to divorce, Türkan realizes that she has to fight to win Somer and continues to stand and fight despite Rüçhan's pressure.