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Üç Kız Kardeş


The Kalender family, who learns that Türkan has been taken to the hospital, goes to their daughter's house in great haste. But they can neither find Türkan, nor does Türkan have an established order. Worried about Türkan, the Kalender family comes face to face with Rüçhan. Although Somer is disturbed by the situations that his mother dropped Türkan in, he tries to convince her that they have to continue this marriage for a while.
The arrival of Fatih has made the Kalender family uneasy and as he confronts Sadik and Nesrin, they are worried about how to protect their daughter from him. Uncle Fatih, who came out later in Derya and Dönüş, is a matter of curiosity. While Rüçhan fights Somer because of Mine, he manages to keep Türkan and his family calm. However, Mine's pressure on Somer gradually increases. Very difficult days await Türkan and Somer.