Üç Kız Kardeş


When Somer, who left home right after the wedding, returns home, he finds Türkan injured and takes her to the hospital immediately. However, at the hospital, they receive an unexpected surprise. Dönüş' hospitalization due to what she experienced in the exam puts both sisters in the hospital at the same time. Somer, who cannot leave Türkan's head, is in tension between Mine and Türkan. This situation causes a conflict with Mine and Somer makes an irreversible mistake. The cost of this mistake will be heavy for everyone. Derya follows her suspicions about her sisters' marriage. When Serdar, who encounters Türkan at the hospital, tells Derya about Türkan's situation, Derya puts the pieces together and it turns out that her concerns about her sister are true. As the tension between Nesrin and Derya escalates, Derya tells everything she knows. Now the gates of hell have been opened for the Kalender family.

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