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Teşkilat (The Shadow Team)

Although Neslihan's arrival at the invitation drags the team into unexpected situations and emotions, Ömer takes everything under control with his professionalism. Cihangir is the most difficult person on the team because of his sister. But both he and the other members of the team will learn to control their emotions in the field under Ömer's leadership.

Gokhan tries to confront Neslihan with Milorad while at the same time maintaining his thoughtful attitude towards Neslihan. Ömer, who is not fooled by Gökhan's games, is determined to prove his true identity first to Neslihan and then to the whole world.

Relying on Ömer's knowledge and foresight, the team will do their best to successfully complete the operation, capture Milorad and learn the true identity of Horus, despite the sudden surprises they encounter. 

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