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Teşkilat (The Shadow Team)

With the incident on the Mostar bridge, the enemy moves to stir things up even more.  Milorad will target Ömer. Omer, who puts his pain aside and fights for his homeland again, will not remain silent about this challenge. Although Ömer insists on going his own way, Neslihan's goal is to solve the problem at the table. Knowing that the slightest impulsiveness will cause a bigger mess, Neslihan is determined to defend her country with evidence to the world.

Gökhan, who has become the target of Ömer's suspicions, is frightened by Neslihan's determination but will do his best to achieve his goal without giving himself away.

The team does not leave Ömer and Neslihan alone in their struggle from two different sides.  Realizing that they have a lot to learn from each other despite having just met, the team will be the reliable basis of both their homeland and Ömer and Neslihan.

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