Teşkilat: Season 2, Episode 4

Episode 4 (S02E04) is the fourth episode of season two of "Teşkilat." The episode will premiere on TRT1 on Sunday, October 17th, 2021.


After the assassination attempt on Simon at the commission meeting, a state of emergency is declared at the top levels of the state. While all commissioners are considered the usual suspects, the team engages in a feverish search for the crime weapon. The only way to shed light on the case is to expose David, who carried out the assassination.

Returning home to reunite with her daughter, Zehra is shocked by the images she finds on her ex-husband Kemal's computer. Zehra decides to open the veil of secrecy by following these images that shed light on Serdar's lost month and a half.

Yildirim, who wants to corner the Turkish state, assigns Cetin to prevent David's capture. While Ceren returns to her old life to avoid being exposed, Serdar's suspicions about Ceren continue.




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