Teşkilat: Season 2, Episode 3

Episode 3 (S02E03) is the third episode of season two of "Teşkilat." The episode aired on TRT1 on Sunday, October 10th, 2021 and it has been marked as seen by 4 users.


The team that went to Southern Cyprus to retrieve Simon, the sole perpetrator of the ship attack, lands themselves in a life and death situation having entered into a minefield while escaping from an attack.

On the eve of the commission meeting where heavy sanctions against Turkey will be discussed, Yıldırım, who wants to prevent Simon from appearing before the commission, puts his plans into action and puts his new right-hand man, Çetin, on the field.

Zehra's decision to leave the team creates a bombshell effect at the headquarters. An unexpected development occurs that will affect Zehra's decision, as she is preparing to start her new life with her daughter.

Collaborating with the team to capture Simon, Ceren's intention becomes a matter of discussion within the team. Ceren has a big secret that she hides from everyone. As a result of Serdar's pressure, all the balances will change when Ceren reveals her big secret.




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