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Taş Kağıt Makas

Rıza’s illness devastates Umut, who has only a short time to save his father. He must now take big steps to get closer to the Emirkıranlar. The path to this leads through Rüya, who wants to become a part of his story.

Realizing that their fates are linked by a past accident, Harun starts investigating the incident. There are still truths about the accident that changed Harun's and Umut's lives. Harun sets out to uncover these truths.

Fecir, whose balance is increasingly disturbed after seeing Alev and Umut, faces an event that turns her birthday party into hell. To get out of the situation, she unexpectedly needs her enemy Umut.

As time continues to run out, will Umut be able to save his father?

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