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Taş Kağıt Makas

Umut, who is looking for ways to get out of the trap he fell into, manages to find a way to exonerate himself with the help of Alev. But he also has a score to settle with Harun Yakar and Kadri Palaz. As Rıza's health condition worsens, time starts to run out for Umut. 

Fecir, whose obsession with Alev increases day by day, drifts towards the bottom with a break he experiences. The remnants of the old Fecir resurface. While Fecir struggles with the threat of Umut, he starts to face a bigger enemy: himself. 

While Harun Yakar thinks that he has made the right decisions for everyone, he finds himself in the middle of a big test. Moreover, this test is closely related to the life of his brother Kadri. 

Umut, who appeared before him as a child years ago, will now be his rival lawyer. Experience and memory come face to face. Who will emerge victorious from this great battle? Harun Yakar? Umut Tanrıkulu?

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