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Taş Kağıt Makas


Umut, who kept his word in the deal they made with Fecir, cannot see the same response from Fecir. He cannot tolerate one more injustice to his father. The fact that Rüya and Azad become the main suspects in the court gives Umut a big trump card. He will now take a big step towards saving his father by hitting the Emirkiran's in the weakest part of his heart. 

Harun learns that his friend Süreyya had a hand in the accident that happened years ago and starts his secret agenda without her knowledge. Without revealing his purpose to Süreyya, he begins to progress step by step in the details of the accident. Harun Yakar will use his skills as a lawyer for his own case for the first time. Who was involved in this accident that changed the course of their lives, and for what purpose? 

Umut, who is trying to shed light on the murder of Erdem Kubilay, takes a big detour in the Rıza Tanrıkulu case. Will Umut be able to infiltrate the Emirkirans and free his father from their captivity?