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Taş Kağıt Makas


After succeeding in convincing Azad, Umut finally paves the way for a retrial for his father. As the first hearing approaches, he has to hide Azad, his most important trump card in the case, from the Emirkirans. 

The news of the retrial turns the entire Emirkiran agenda upside down. Both Azad's betrayal and Rüya's discovery of the truth cause the Emirkiran family to unravel. Fecir has to find Azad as soon as possible. 

Harun Yakar, who continues to trace the accident in the past, needs Umut to shed light on those days. Crossing paths after years, the two make a new deal. 

As the first hearing of the retrial approaches, time is running out for both sides. Will Umut get what he wants in the first hearing?

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