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Taş Kağıt Makas


Umut, who starts the first hearing of the retrial with great disappointment, turns the situation in his favor thanks to a development in the hearing. The road to Rıza's freedom will pass through the night of the murder. Umut and Alev must shed light on that night. 

Umut's progress starts the unraveling within the Emirkiran family. Rüya, who learns the secrets that have been kept for years, starts the big showdown with her family. Fecir, who decides to leave everything and go, intends to take someone with him. 

Harun Yakar and Umut's paths cross again, causing them to act together. As Harun pursues the clue he received from Umut, he learns a more important detail, a secret that Kadri Palaz has kept from him. What is the truth that Kadri Palaz is hiding from Harun? 

Umut is determined both to fight for his father's freedom and to fight against everyone who stands in his way. Will he be able to decipher Süreyya and reveal what happened on the night of the murder?

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