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Taş Kağıt Makas


During the retrial process, Neşet's sudden appearance turns all Umut's plans upside down. As he continues to solve the night of the murder step by step, his father, Rıza, remembers another very important detail. Umut has to shed light on that night. 

Harun Yakar reveals Kadri Palaz's true identity. After a big confrontation, they decide to part ways. Harun goes to Alev with all the documents he has and will reveal all the crimes of Kadri and Emirkıranlar. 

Umut, Harun, and Alev come together to prepare for a major operation that will destroy the Emirkirans. Realizing this preparation, Fecir and Rüya rise up. They have no choice but to unite to protect their families. 

With the help of Umut, Alev, and Harun, will they emerge victorious from this war?