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Taş Kağıt Makas

With the plot set up against Umut, the Emirkıran family gains a significant advantage. When Bünyamin Emirkıran also ends up in prison, the balance of power between the two sides evens out.

Umut, Harun, and Alev join forces to navigate the conspiracy. However, the moves from the opposing side become increasingly ruthless. Everything will be resolved in the final trial—the great trial where the Emirkıran family and the corrupt system will be exposed. As Harun and Umut prepare for the trial, they receive an important offer.

As the grand trial approaches, confrontations ensue for both sides. In the end, who will emerge victorious? Is Fecir the perpetrator of the Büşra Korkmaz murder, or is it Umut who is willing to risk imprisonment to ensure justice?

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