Sakla Beni

Sakla Beni (S01E04)


As he is about to tell Naz about his decision to break up with her, İncila's appearance comes as a big shock to Mete. All his plans come to a dead end when he learns who İncila really is, and Mete explodes in anger because he thinks he has been deceived.

Feeling very disappointed, Mete makes a decision that surprises everyone and tells Naz that he wants to marry her next week. While this decision puts Naz on cloud nine, it hurts İncila, who has to watch all these developments silently beside her.

Gülten, who is not willing to let her son marry Naz, sets a condition for Mete that surprises everyone. While a mix-up at the henna night brings the two, who are both in love and angry with each other, together by surprise, İncila, who can no longer tolerate Mete's accusatory behavior, takes a dangerous step that could expose this secret relationship.

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