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Sakla Beni (Lost In Love)

İncila, who is on the verge of being caught by Naz while she is with Mete, narrowly escapes an encounter that could ruin everything. As the problems and insecurities between their families create a new crisis for Naz and Mete, Naz, who feels that she is not getting the support she needs from the man she loves, opens the door to a bigger crisis by breaking off the engagement.

As Mete becomes more and more attached to this mysterious girl who suddenly appears before him, İncila, who feels the same feelings as him, experiences the pain and helplessness of knowing the impossibility of this love, even though she cannot explain why to Mete yet.

As Mete and İncila share a special day and night while big storms are raging in their lives, the love between them flares up even more, and they come to the brink of being caught by the family members who come together to solve their problems. Preparing to explain a critical decision about their relationship to Naz, Mete is confronted with a hidden truth that will disrupt all his plans.