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Sakla Beni

Sakla Beni (S01E24)


Mete's declaration that he loves İncila in front of everyone creates a big surprise. Mete, who no longer wants to hide the truth, does not regret this step he has taken, while İncila does not find it right for him to express this truth in such a public place.

Naz, who believes in love and affection, accepts the feelings between Mete and İncila but feels cheated because they have been hiding the truth from the very beginning. The biggest support comes from Kadir again. Mete and İncila, on the other hand, strive to mend their family relationship that has been disrupted by the revelation of the truth. Naz and Kadir take big and exciting steps in their relationship.

Count Ziya, who better realizes some facts about life, confronts Atıf. Seeking revenge, a great enemy unexpectedly confronts Count Ziya.