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Sakla Beni

Sakla Beni (S01E23)


İncila is shocked when she learns about the plan made without her knowledge, and Naz is furious when she hears this news. Count Ziya tells Mete that he is aware of the affair with İncila and emphasizes the impossibility of this relationship. 

Kadir tries hard to make Naz, who is angry with him for what happened at work,  forgive him. This development improves Naz's morale again. İncila, tired of the burdens she carries inside, is disturbed by Mete's attitude towards this issue. 

Kadir confronts Mete to tell him some truths, while İncila encourages Kadir about his feelings and the steps he will take. Naz, who overhears a very important conversation and has a big confrontation with Mete, makes an unexpected move to help Mete claim his love.

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