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Şahane Hayatım (My Wonderful Life)

Didem, whose images with Onur were leaked, takes action against Şebnem and Melisa and shares a video targeting both of them. This video causes a huge stir on social media. Unable to stomach the video, Şebnem decides to hit Didem, where it hurts the most, and takes Mange from her. Onur, on the other hand, traps Ahmet, who recorded the footage of him with Didem. Cornered, Ahmet seeks help from Mesut.

Losing Mange, Didem becomes even more determined to get revenge and pressures Onur to take Şebnem's house. Already not wanting Şebnem to live in the house, Onur sends her an eviction notice. Mesut once again comes to Şebnem's rescue in her desperate situation. As Şebnem and Melisa unite to fight against Didem, nothing will ever be the same again.