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Şahane Hayatım (My Wonderful Life)

Learning about the murder, Elif goes to the police. Aysel and Macit are devastated to learn that Demir is dead. Şebnem is faced with Elif framing her for the murder. She has no choice but to crush Elif! The police dig Demir's grave and find an unexpected truth. On the other side, Onur feels cornered as Melisa starts her wedding preparations and gets closer to Didem. This intimacy will turn into a scandal when Ahmet sees them. Melisa, who learns about Onur and Didem's relationship, has a big surprise for Onur on the wedding night. Şebnem, who is preparing to build a new life for herself, is surprised to learn about Didem and Onur's relationship. This time, Şebnem will be tested by the betrayal of her best friend! But she will have an unexpected ally by her side... Melisa!