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Şahane Hayatım

Şahane Hayatım (S01E26)


After Şebnem and Melisa set the house on fire, the tension between them and Didem escalates. Didem reports Şebnem and Melisa to the police. However, Şebnem and Melisa have no intention of backing down. Mesut, worried about Şebnem getting hurt, sternly warns Didem. Believing she has intimidated Didem, Şebnem prepares for her wedding with Mesut. However, Didem discovers their biggest secrets.

Shaken by Didem learning about the murder, Onur is forced to make a choice in response to Didem's offer. Unaware of the truth, Şebnem prepares for the wedding, only to face a nasty surprise from Didem. Will Didem be able to achieve victory against Şebnem?