Safir (S01E24)


After Ateş is taken into custody, Feraye believes that he will retaliate. That's why she asks Yaman to take back his statement, but Yaman will not step back.
This last link added to the chain of disasters that befell the family is the last straw for Okan. The crisis that Okan falls into will cause Yaman to reconsider the decisions he made.
After his release, Ateş continues his game to become a major partner of the company. However, this time he will find the entire Gülsoy family united in front of him. Combining his intelligence with the strength he received from his family, will Yaman be able to defeat Ateş?
On top of all this, Ateş has another surprise for the Gülsoys. He will not stop making Yaman suffer. His move will cause a reaction not only from Yaman but also from the Gülsoy family.