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Safir (S01E25)


Yaman is devastated when he has to listen to Feraye and Ateş's romantic phone conversation. He has no doubt that Feraye has forgotten him and loves Ateş. Feraye, on the other hand, is miserable because she had to do this to Yaman. Ateş does not slow down. This time, under the pretext of breaking the ice, he invites Yaman and the entire Gülsoy family over for the evening. Yaman does not want to accept it at first. But he accepts the offer upon Kamuran's words, "You need to do this to cauterize your wound." The whole Gülsoy family goes to Ateş and Feraye's house in the evening. Such an evening is no different from torture for both Feraye and Yaman. Having to treat each other like strangers destroys them both.

Yaman and Feraye start working together at the company. But this is not easy for either of them. When Güneş sees that Feraye is working in the company, she becomes very suspicious. Is Ateş really telling her the truth, or is there more between him and Feraye than what he says? Güneş can no longer tolerate this relationship full of question marks. She decides to leave Ürgüp. No matter what Ateş does, he can't dissuade her. It will be a big turning point for Ateş when Güneş leaves Ateş and goes to Ürgüp. Will he go after Güneş or will he take the next step to make Feraye and Yaman suffer?