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Safir (S01E23)


Feraye and Ateş, who attend the dinner party organized for Ömer and Şermin, hand in hand and look like a couple, leave their mark on the night. Yaman cannot stand it and asks Feraye to account for all this.

Ateş, who owes an explanation to Güneş after the marriage game he forced Feraye to play, plays a double game against her. Feraye has no intention of completely submitting to Ateş and giving up on Yaman. She wants to find Yaman's confession video in Ateş's possession. For this, he gets help from an unexpected person.

When Great Aunt Kamuran wants to find out what happened to the Gülsoy family, a difficult confrontation occurs between the family. Kamuran wants to take control. Ateş, who plays all his trump cards to take over the company, is disappointed by Yaman.

Question marks arise in Gülfem's mind regarding the marriage of Ateş and Feraye. While dealing with this situation, what happens to Gülfem shocks everyone.

Things get very complicated when Yaman, who holds Ateş responsible for what happened to his mother, decides to use the secret information he has about Ateş.