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Ömer (S02E30)


While Rahmi's marriage proposal to Fatma surprises everyone, Nuran, who wants to dissuade her mother from this marriage, makes a move that will change the balance by informing her uncle Yılmaz. But Yılmaz's arrival makes the situation even more difficult to handle.

Çiçek, who suspects that something is going on between Reşat and Nurhayat, faces the fact that her concerns are justified. Reşat, who is tense because of the situation he is in, warns Ömer to stay away from Gamze and start a new path. Nisa finally confronts her secret lover who wrote the letters.

On the verge of divorce, Gamze and Ömer cannot tell each other their love for each other because of their pride. But trying to resolve the issue between Fatma and Rahmi helps the two get closer again. However, a surprise development puts them in a very difficult situation in front of Yılmaz.

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