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Ömer (S02E29)


When Gamze learns that Safiye is looking for someone suitable to marry Ömer, she finds it hard to believe. But Ömer, who thinks that his relationship with Gamze ended in disappointment and that following his heart makes him unhappy, tells her that he will now proceed as his father sees fit.

Reşat and Nurhayat try to convince themselves that their love is in the past, but they know that this is not the case at all. Continuing his love notes to win Nisa's heart, Hakan is faced with a situation in which he feels complicated emotions. While Ömer meets with the bride candidates found by Safiye, Gamze is trapped between her pride, love, and anger.

Çiçek begins to suspect that something is going on between Reşat and Nurhayat. Ömer's latest move infuriates Gamze, and the bickering between the two continues. Although Nuran dislikes it, Fatma and Rahmi's love develops in a new way that surprises everyone.

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