Mucize Doktor

Mucize Doktor (S02E01)


It is an ordinary day at Berhayat Hospital. Ali is determined to take his relationship with Nazlı to the next level, but he cannot find exactly how to do this. Beliz now fights with pregnant Kıvılcım and Tanju is furious with the new surgical assistant Doruk, who has replaced Damla, because he is late for the first day of work. And all of a sudden an invisible accident plunges the whole hospital into chaos. First the emergency room and then the whole hospital begins to overflow with the wounded. Although no one has noticed yet, an important member of the hospital population is among the wounded. Police and fire brigade try to control the incident. Hospital resources are used to the last drop. And in the midst of all this chaos, at the most critical moment, Ali remembers his promise when he first started becoming a doctor. Ali keeps his promise. But the price of this word will be very, very high for many.