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Kızılcık Şerbeti (One Love)

Görkem falsely accuses Nilay of assaulting him, causing a rift within the Ünal family and leading to serious arguments. The relationship between Doğa and Giray continues to develop, with Giray providing support to Doğa in every aspect. Sönmez's phone scam deeply affects his morale. Despite efforts from his daughters and grandchildren to lift his spirits, Sönmez feels terrible. Abdullah narrowly avoids getting caught by Pembe while taking Alev to the hospital after she falls ill. Learning that Kayhan secretly runs the restaurant at night, Zülkar informs Pembe about the situation. Nursema and Rüzgar realize how much they missed each other when they reunite at Kıvılcım's birthday party. Nilay gets a golden opportunity to exact revenge on Görkem.

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