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Kızılcık Şerbeti


Bad days await Fatih, who struggles to fulfill the condition that Doğa wants for their reunion. Rüzgar's conversation with Abdullah puts Nursema in a very difficult situation. Abdullah absolutely refuses to allow his daughter to continue working at the channel. Rüzgar realizes the mistake he made, but it is too late. Çimen starts working at the company as Kıvılcım's assistant. Kıvılcım and Çimen's presence at the company gradually tightens the strings between Abdullah and Ömer. Nilay also closely follows the production of the cream she named after herself. Kıvılcım and Ömer invite the Ünal family to their home for dinner, which ends with a big surprise. The Unals go to the ceremony together for an award that Nursema will receive. Pembe takes action to remarry her daughter, but all her efforts are thwarted by Nursema. Nilay's involvement in the tension between Pembe and Görkem will escalate the conflict to a new level.