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Kızılcık Şerbeti


Nilay's revelation to Pembe shatters her world. Despite her desperate attempt to end the matter discreetly by speaking with Görkem, he refuses and launches a counterattack. Pembe feels helpless and devastated, torn between Ömer and Görkem. 

In an effort to uplift Sönmez, who is deeply saddened by the fraud incident, Kıvılcım and Ömer gift him a boat trip. Nursema, wanting to reciprocate Rüzgar's gesture after the party, invites him on a boat trip, where they spend a happy day together. Inspired, Rüzgar decides to propose to Nursema.

Meanwhile, Doğa and Giray's relationship has progressed, with Doğa fully embracing the flow. Tensions run high during a dinner at the Abdullahs, and a small spark ignites a major conflict among everyone present.