Kızılcık Şerbeti


Rüzgar's night of asking for Alev's hand in marriage is over without incident, and the two are now an engaged couple. Ömer and Kıvılcım officially divorce. Both are very unhappy. While Ömer turns to activities he has never done in his life to distract himself, Kıvılcım clings to her job with all her heart. Her friendship with Ertuğrul will help her heal her wounds during this bad period.

Nilay gives birth and the arrival of little Abdullah is a source of happiness for the whole family.

Nursema, who is furious that her father fired her from her job, confronts her mother and distances herself from her family a little more. Abdullah talks to Umut and then Nursema and promises to leave them alone.

Fatih, who seems to have swallowed the lie that Doğa told to get revenge on him, follows his wife closely and draws a new path for himself by learning her true purpose. Unaware that Fatih knows everything, Doğa cannot make sense of Fatih's behavior.

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