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Kızıl Goncalar

Kızıl Goncalar (S01E18)


Levent and Meryem are shocked by Zeynep's decision to return to Naim, and they start to investigate the secret behind this decision. However, Meryem, who wants to be with her daughter, will not be welcomed at the dergah where she once lived. Meanwhile, with Hasna and Müyesser capturing Birgül, Sadi, who must defeat Cüneyd one last time to take control, now has a strong card in his hand. Naim will also stand by his side on this path. Levent, Beste, and Meryem, unaware of the whole truth, decide to send Mira abroad immediately to prevent Naim from using Mira against Zeynep.

Another major challenge for Cüneyd, as significant as the test for control, is related to Zeynep. Meryem will have an important request from Cüneyd for Zeynep's salvation. However, Cüneyd is unaware of another trouble looming over him. Affan, whose plans are disrupted and who is determined to avenge his family, persuades Sadi, cornered by Levent's approach to Gülayşe's secret, to commit a sin that will stop Cüneyd forever. Now, Meryem, Levent, and Cüneyd must stop both Naim's dark plan regarding Zeynep and Affan before it's too late. However, Naim has no intention of giving up. In the end, Cüneyd will face his greatest fear, confronting the memory of his mother's death, amidst all these battles.