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Kızıl Goncalar

Kızıl Goncalar (S01E19)


Cüneyd's father Vahit's return surprises everyone, and Cüneyd, who is about to take control, is also shaken by this encounter. Meanwhile, Mira, who does not show what she has heard to Levent and Beste, tries to find concrete evidence to be sure of Naim's words. Levent, on the other hand, suspects Vahit, who appears as a desperate dervish after years, when he appears before his son. Getting ready to leave the dergah to join the Ulular, Sadi stands by his brother, seeing that Vahit has been there for Cüneyd even in his most difficult moments.

While Meryem, Birgül, and Zeynep's efforts to educate their daughters bring them closer to the truth with Cüneyd's control, Cüneyd's intention causes turmoil not only among the Faniler but also among other tarikats. Despite losing everything and being expelled, Naim receives news from Nadire that will reconnect him to life. However, things will not turn out as he expected. As Meryem and Zeynep are about to achieve their goals, Mira also approaches the ultimate truth. However, despite Levent's efforts, Beste's final move, although bypassed by Mira, brings Meryem very close to the biggest secret of her life. However, this will not be the only secret that comes to light. Even though Cüneyd finally learns the truth about his mother, himself, and his father, it is now too late for everything...