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Kızıl Goncalar (Red Roses)

Zeynep is temporarily entrusted to Levent's care, and angry Naim begins to search for ways to regain custody of his daughter, not forgetting to take revenge on Meryem. Meanwhile, after talking to Zeynep, Cüneyd decides not to pledge allegiance to his uncle, but he must either win the three-part struggle or accept the punishment of solitary confinement. However, a disaster befalling Zeynep forces him to make a critical choice.

Levent and Meryem, on the other hand, uncover another important clue leading to the dergah in Gülayşe's death. They are not the only ones pursuing a suspicion; Arif also decides to uncover Affan's secret. Sadi Hüdayi, Hasna, Müyesser, and Affan, on the other hand, devise a plan to emerge victorious from the vakt-ı muaraz (a period of waiting for a verdict).

While Zeynep, Meryem, and Birgül's endeavor to educate their daughters suffers a major blow, Zeynep is about to announce her decision in court regarding which household she will live in. However, Naim, who cornered the Alkanlı family through Mira, has no intention of giving up.

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