Kendi Düşen Ağlamaz


Alize returns home with the hope that she will be reunited with her father and her old life, only to be bitterly disappointed. Unaware of Serkan and her father's collaboration, she is devastated and faces two difficult paths. Alize chooses the more difficult one. She will return home and show both her own family and her new family that she will never give up. Alize's return to her new home shocks Serap. Thinking that she has to do something to get rid of her, she is shocked by the truths she learns one after another.
As Alize adapts to her new life, she continues to work at the hotel, her only place of freedom. It is the only place where she is independent from Serkan. But when she sees that she is losing that too... she will not be able to bear it. While struggling with Serap, Alize will now try to hide Serkan. But will she succeed in all this?

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