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Kendi Düşen Ağlamaz


It all starts when Alize, a beautiful beauty who grew up like a princess, and Serkan, a young man who has suffered all kinds of life's ordeals and whose dreams have been taken away from him, meet in an accident... Will Serkan, who enters Alize's life on her birthday, be a gift of life to Alize, or will he be her biggest test?
When she learns that her father is getting married, Alize wants to play a tiny little game to teach him a lesson, unaware of what will happen to her. Suddenly finding herself in a completely different life, Alize now has two paths in front of her. Either she plays the game according to the new rules or she throws in the towel. What will the stubborn Alize, who doesn't know how to give up, do in the face of Serkan, who is just as stubborn as she is and just as reckless? Will she adapt to her new life with unexpected determination and will the secret Serkan is hiding be revealed?