Gaddar (S01E05)


The director gives Dağhan a new target. After completing this task, Dağhan considers cutting ties with the director. However, the director's offer to help in the fight against Enver Baltacı confuses him. Dağhan learns that the director sometimes sets targets independent of the Company, and these targets are always bad guys. This situation puts Dağhan at a new crossroads, as he begins to take pleasure in helping people in need and punishing the wicked. His relationship with the director, which he is forced to continue, takes on a new dimension.

While Dağhan is pursuing his new target, Enver is trying to set a trap for him. He cannot directly attack Dağhan because of his promise to Yağmur. Therefore, he tries to prove that Dağhan is a hitman in order to get him arrested. On the other hand, defying his father, Enver hastily decides to marry Yağmur. Ekber Baltacı's strong reaction to this decision puts the two families against each other.

The second part of Enver's plan to destroy Dağhan involves Aydan. He tries to persuade Aydan to join his side and get information about Dağhan from her. He makes serious promises to her. Aydan's mother, Oya, also supports her daughter's efforts to help Enver and puts psychological pressure on her.

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