Gaddar (S01E04)


When Dağhan goes to kill Enver, who poses the greatest risk to his family, he encounters an unexpected surprise: his sister Yağmur is with Enver, and she is pregnant. Due to the tension between Enver and Dağhan, Yağmur faints. The two enemies, who try to kill each other, are forced to cooperate to get her to the hospital.

After the recent events, Dağhan's mental state deteriorates further. Moreover, there are things his mother and father have kept from him. He becomes unable to trust anyone. Aydan also has a secret she has been hiding from Dağhan, and she makes him an offer, hoping to reconcile their relationship.

Ekber has now learned the secret Enver has been insistently hiding, and his reaction is even harsher than expected. He vehemently opposes his son marrying Yağmur. He has made a promise to his closest friend and wants to marry Enver to his daughter. The conflict between father and son escalates rapidly. Ekber Baltacı is not a man who can be persuaded by words, so the battle axes come out.

On the other hand, Şengül has returned home, but the landlord wants to evict them because they cannot pay the rent. The only person who can help them is Dağhan. Aydan is not pleased with Dağhan spending time with Şengül.

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