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Gaddar (S01E12)


Kokut is determined to kill Dağhan in a ruthless pursuit of revenge for his brother Cezmi's death. Dağhan feels more helpless than ever in the face of death. While he resists, Müdür and Kurt race against time to save him from Kokut. News of Dağhan's death reaches his family. No one wants to accept this situation, but everyone, including Aydan, is devastated. When Kokut realizes that Enver is collaborating with Dağhan, he starts investigating his family to harm him as well.

Leyla asks for Korkut's help to learn about her father's activities and what lies behind his death. By taking this step to settle accounts with the past, she inadvertently opens the door to new trouble.

Gürkan begins to question his values and sense of justice when a case that echoes in the neighborhood arises.

Enver, upon realizing that Yağmur and her family are in danger from Korkut, gathers everyone to create a secure area. The family being together and in danger brings about tension. Davut blames himself for not being able to protect his children, but he does everything he can to keep them safe this time.

Enver's goal is to eliminate Korkut without harming anyone. To achieve this, he prepares a plan against the Zakkums with Müdür's help. However, his plans do not go as expected. This situation makes Korkut even more aggressive, demanding that the family sacrifice one of their own, forcing them to make a choice.

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