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Gaddar (S01E11)


When Yağmur shoots at Akbar in a moment of anger, things get complicated. As a result of this mistake, friction arises between her and Enver. Dağhan is taken to the police station after Gürkan catches him in the act, and Ali files a complaint. A large crowd gathers in front of the police station and unites to clear Dağhan of the crime.

Ekber gives Kurt one last chance to regain his trust, but this chance turns into a difficult test for Kurt. In order to deal a bigger blow to Dağhan and Enver, Ekber plans to put the notoriously ruthless Oleander Brothers against them. Enver is in danger of losing all his business opportunities when the Oleander Brothers appear on the market. Dağhan is on the brothers' radar while trying to save a woman harmed by Cezmi Zakkum.

While Enver and Dağhan are looking for ways to unite and confront these brothers, Dağhan decides to solve it in a different way this time. However, this decision leads him to an irreversible mistake. When Dağhan is injured during the events, Aydan and Leylâ mobilize for him.

Ekber is impressed by Oya's confrontation and insists on meeting with her. However, Oya is determined to put a barrier on her relationship with Ekber after what happened to her daughter.

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