Duy Beni

Duy Beni (S01E06)


Ekim has fallen into the trap set by Aziz. The thought that Kanat will harm Leyla also upsets her. Will she be able to tell her the truth she learned? On the other hand, Leyla has opened a new page in her life and returned to Gerçek College, which she thinks she deserves.

This time, next to Melisa, who she thought was her friend, there is Ekim, whom she once considered her best friend but is now her enemy. Moreover, she thinks that Kanat is in love with her. While Leyla is in these thoughts, Kanat says that she is in love with Ekim.

On the other hand, Emine, who is the target of bullying at school again, will put everyone on a path of no return. As secrets are revealed one by one, another tragedy occurs in Kanat's house. Teacher Bahar will unwittingly confront everyone with a reality. Teacher Selim, on the other hand, tries a different way this time to protect his students from the pain of his own past. He writes “Zorbalฤฑk Mahkemesi" (Bullying Court_ on the class board as a lesson topic. The students sit on the chairs shown to them, not knowing what they will encounter. Again, the students will make the decision.