Dönence (S01E12)


When Cem collapses and is taken into surgery, the Olgun family begins to face difficult times, but they cling to hope with the good news given by Dr. Erhan. Meanwhile, Harun adds a new one to his plans and collaborates with Selman and asks him to kill Cem. Miro learns that Özgür knows about Cem's illness and is hiding it, and uses this for his own benefit to tell Gece. Gece is torn between her heart and her logic, even though she is in love with Özgür, she is very resentful that he hid her father's illness from her... While all this is going on, Gece is informed that she has won the conservatory exam. What will Gece's decision be? Will she leave her family and Özgür behind and go to Istanbul?