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Dönence (S01E11)


When Gece decides to study in Istanbul, her family and Özgür, who cannot declare his love for her, are saddened by the fact that she will take the exam, but he supports her in pursuing her dreams under all circumstances. While Gece is waiting for her exam away from her family and Özgür, she encounters a surprise that will make her very happy... Miro, who confronts his father by confronting him, feels bad and finds the solution in commiserating with Gece, and Gece learns the truth about Miro for the first time. While Harun finds a way to get closer to Verda through his son Ata, he also deals with Selman, to whom he owes money, and Cem, who realizes that he is getting closer to his wife, is not happy about this situation, so he gets into an argument with Verda and collapses and is hospitalized. Can Sevgi save everyone? Or will it be too late for Cem?