Dokuz Oğuz

Dokuz Oğuz (S01E02)


As Captain Batur's suspicions about the mysterious young woman appearing before Darkness increase, the communication of the team with the headquarters is cut off. Oguz Team now has to protect the Turkish tribe from both the bomb in the truck and the rapidly approaching terrorists. Because it's only a matter of time before the tribe turns to hell. Despite the size of the danger, Captain Batur will not let the terrorists through with his team at any cost. However, the unexpected move from the young woman creates a great surprise for both Oguz Team and the terrorist leader Lee. While Batur was even more confused about the young woman, Lee went mad with anger; He will play his last trump card to defeat the Oguz Team and hurt the Turkish nomads.
While the Oguz Team, under the command of Captain Batur, is miles away from his country, fighting with Lee and his men for his kinsmen, the treacherous forces that want to break the power of the "Turkish World Emergency Response Team" do not stay idle, and they put a new evil plan into action in Ankara...