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Dokuz Oğuz

Dokuz Oğuz (S01E03)


The forces trying to destroy the "Turkish World Emergency Response Team" are now targeting the grandfather of the Dark Captain, while on the other hand Tara; the terrorist head takes action to take Lee from the Turkish Military. Meanwhile, just beyond the southern border of Turkey, the news of the kidnapping of seven young Kasgay Turks by terrorists reaches the headquarters, and the Oguz Team is called to duty. However, an unexpected situation that develops leaves Tomris Colonel and Bozkır General in a dilemma about assigning Batur Captain to this operation. Tara, on the other hand, surprises Batur in Ankara and tries to corner him with the threat she put forward. However, the information he gave attracts Batur's attention. While Tomris Colonel is suspicious of this information, now is the time for revenge for Batur!