Dokuz Oğuz

Dokuz Oğuz (S01E01)


Colonel Tomris Toprak has come to the end of his meticulous efforts to establish the "Turkish World Emergency Response Team" and has appointed Captain Batur Dark, one of the most talented and brave officers of the Turkish Armed Forces, as the team commander. Dark Captain, who is still working at a border station, goes on a planned operation for a terrorist on the red list, which he has been chasing for months, before he takes over the Oguz Team. In the same period, Tomris Colonel is on his way to make military contacts in Nakhchivan. However, the evil forces determined to strangle the Turkish World Emergency Response Team at the very stage of its establishment have already pressed the button for these two Turkish Officers...
The "Oguz Team", which took the oath under the command of Captain Batur Darkness, took action upon the news about Turkish nomads living in the Uzbekistan-Afghanistan border region and set out on a long journey to be a bulwark for their cognates. The young woman, who surprises the Dark Captain during the operation, confuses them. Is this woman, who managed to attract the attention of the Captain with her mysterious demeanor, friend or foe? Angel or demon?