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After his wife Ekin kills herself, the shady figure of Sahir becomes dedicated to his work as a psychiatrist, helping the police to talk people out of committing suicide. He seeks to carve out a new identity but finds his past catching up with him. He is drawn into a world of intrigue, enigmas and power struggles.

His life undergoes a dramatic twist when he receives a tip-off about a suicide attempt from his dead wife’s telephone. The caller sends Sahir to a bridge where a woman is about to jump. When armed men following the woman open fire, the two of them leap from the bridge together.

With this traumatic encounter, Sahir is plunged into an underground war in which secrets are hidden behind every door. Unknown to most of those around him, Sahir was closely involved with the ‘deep state’, the powerful clandestine network that for decades controlled Turkey.

The mysterious woman on the bridge is Bilge. Her brush with death comes hours after a meeting with her old school friend Emre, who had hidden his true identity from her. She learns from Emre that her powerful father, whom she believed was dead, is very much alive.

The murky truth about her father and others around her explodes in a hail of gunfire at the cafe where she and Emre are meeting. Bilge flees in terror, knowing she is now a hunted woman. After jumping from the bridge with Sahir, she flees before he discovers her identity.

With his curiosity stirred, Sahir uses his ‘deep state’ links to track her down. As the mysteries unfold, he discovers the truth about Bilge. By day, she is a school physics teacher, by night a hacker who blackmails big corporations by uncovering their security flaws.

Like a Robin Hood figure stealing from the rich to give to the poor, she demands that they deposit large amounts of money with charity foundations. Her partner in crime is Uygar, a college student with Asperger Syndrome. With Sahir now in on their secret, they are all drawn into a battle between powerful forces.

The tip-offs about imminent suicide attempts multiply. Sahir continues to receive calls from his wife’s phone, while Bilge is called from the phone of her murdered friend Emre. Sahir has no choice but to delve deeper into the dark underworld using his connections from the past.

Together with Bilge they are confronted with suspicious suicides, disappearances and an autopsy which will reveal the truth behind the grim deaths. The two of them must get to the enigmatic Orhan Bey before their enemies as they are all drawn into a final confrontation which will seal their fates.

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