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Dila Hanım

Dila Hanım


Dila vows to avenge the murder of her husband by the rival Rıza , but she unwittingly falls in love with his killer and when the truth emerges she must choose between honor and her new love. The brave Dila and her husband İhsan’s powerful Barazoğlu family are dragged into a fierce conflict with the rival family of Rıza Selamoğlu over the purchase of valuable land. As the tension rises, Rıza kills İhsan . Dila swears to avenge his death and will do whatever it takes to end Rıza’s life. In the traditional society of Sarıgöl where they live, women are expected to be subservient to men. But Dila enforces her own justice, attempting single handedly to stand up to landowners whose words count as law, seeking justice for the death of her husband.

Before the blood feud erupts between Sarıgöl’s powerful Barazoğlu and Selamoğlu families, Dila and İhsan are happily married. But when İhsan’s father Seyit agrees to sell his land to the respected Rıza , the family’s youngest son Azer kicks up a storm. Azer hated Rıza for years and pulls out a gun. İhsan gets shot while trying to prevent the fight. Deciding to stay in Sarıgöl and seek justice for her husband’s killer, Dila fails to receive the support she expected from Azer and Seyit . They believe Rıza will avoid justice one way or the other. Azer’s aim is to make Rıza pay himself. Dila tries to get the man who confessed to the killing to protect Rıza to reveal the truth to prosecutors. Rıza , despite being the one
targeted, does nothing to stop Dila . However, Rıza’sfamily will do all they can to protect him from Dila’s efforts Realizing that the Selamoğlu family will try anything to avoid the punishment and will not be stopped, Dila is at a turning point. She will either try to fight Riza through legal means or deliver his punishment herself.

By coincidence, Dila meets Rıza without knowing who he is. She becomes passionately attached to him without realizing he is her husband’s killer. Rıza also falls passionately in love with Dila . When he finds out her true identity he does all he can to keep his own identity secret. Dila knows Rıza as Yavuz and she regards him as a safe harbor where she can shelter from her problems. Her family notice that she frequently leaves the mansion as
she keeps her relationship with Yavuz a secret. Seyit wonders where Dila has been disappearing to and has her secretly followed. While Rıza still feels remorse for İhsan’s death, he must also protect himself from Dila’s burning to desire for revenge. Having kept his identity a secret from Dila , the growing love between them creates an unbearable tension. When the truth emerges, Dila must decide whether to act in line with the memory of her husband and the family tradition of honor. She must choose between love and hate.

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