Darmaduman (S01E05)


Yagiz, destroyed by Kerem and Evren's surprise to his car, begins to live an unfamiliar life for the first time with his father's punishment and vows to take revenge on Evren. Derin has a hard time with her father's arrival. Her father's punishment is very severe. While he is shaken by Evren's reaction in this process of seeking help, the helping hand from Kerem surprises her despite everything. The sincere family atmosphere she never had, a protective father figure, and Kerem, who is by her side no matter what, will awaken new feelings in Derin that she has never tasted. While YaฤŸฤฑz plans revenge, on the one hand, he is also confused by what he heard from his father and Ruhi. Evren, shaken by the blows he received, and Ece, the only person who can give him the attention he needs, spend an unforgettable and enjoyable evening, but the night ends in a way that Ece never expected and leaves scars that cannot be easily closed. Witnessing a completely different side of the only person she believes has no good in her, Ece realizes that she misjudges people.